No, è a panel, with a thickness of 2.7cm.

Through drum tensioning of a high quality metallized filmà, very thin, on an aluminum frame.

The weight of the product 1.5kg/sqm. The total weight of the panel depends on the size.

No, the panel cannotò be placed on the floor.

Può be used to create mirrored ceilings, sloping ceilings or walls, straight walls, flat three-dimensional structures, and immersive spaces.

A curved surface cannot be achieved with the Foam Mirror. We recommend contacting us to evaluate the project in detail and advise on other solutions.

Yes, it canò be applied outdoors.


PET è a metallic film. The PVC è a film laminated between a white PVC film and a metallized PET film.

The films can be pasted on various surfaces, used as partition curtains. The PVC mirror può also be sewn.

No. An effect is achieved depending on how the film is pasted.

Può be traced back to the wrapping paper of theeaster egg, in a moreù thinner.